Below are the steps for Theme Management.
Step 1− Select Appearance -> Themes from the dashboard.


Step 2− The below screen will be displayed. Hover over any theme and click on the Theme Details button.



Step 3− When you click on to the Theme Detail button the following page appears. It consists of details related to the theme. Details like version, description, tags etc.


If you want to add this theme to your page/website then click onActivate, and if you want to just check the theme, then click onLive preview.

Step 4− Click on Customise.

Step 5− On the left side of the page, you can customize your theme. If you want any changes you make or anything new you add is displayed on the right side of the page.


We will study about customizing the appearance of the themes in the next section. i.e.; WordPress Customize Theme.


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