WordPress-Add Links

Below are the steps to learn how to Add links in WordPress.
Step 1− Click on Pages ->All Pages in WordPress.


Step 2− The list of added pages created in WordPress will get displayed as shown in the below screen. Select one of them pages to add links inside it. We are going to add links in Page page.


Step 3− Select one of the sentence or word where you want to add link. Here, we will add link to the word Contents.


Step 4− When you click on the Insert or Edit link symbol then the below pop window gets displayed.


Below are the fields present in the Insert/edit link.
• URL −It is used to enter URL you want to link.
• Link text − It is used to insert text you want to enter into the link.
• Open link in a new window/tab − Open your link page into the new tab/window. Check the box as required.
• Or link to existing account − Add links to an existing content page by selecting the page from the list. Click on Or link to existing account and the list of pages and posts gets displayed as shown in the below screen.
• After selecting the particular page or post from the list, the links get created in the URL field as seen in the previous screen. Click on Add Link.
• Step 5− When you hover on the word Contents then the link tooltip gets displayed as shown in the below screen.


Click on the Update button to update the changes in your page or post.

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