The space vector control system design of the cross section cutting based on the fuzzy PID algorithm in the coal mine

(Aug 2016)

Author-Jie Zhao,Zongyan Yu,Sijing Ren


Coal seam distribution is uncertain in coal roadway. It leads to wear cutting head and reduce the cutting efficiency. Closed loop control is introduced into the cutting system of the boom-type roadheader in the mine tunneling roadway. The current of the cutting motor changes with the cutting load. The drawing speed is adjusted according the current and maintains a constant cutting motor power. The space vector control strategy and fuzzy PID control algorithm are adapted to adjust the motor speed. The general and simple dynamic simulation model of the cutting motor is used in vector control system. The rotor flux oriented vector control system of the cutting motor is established. In view of the problems of low response speed, poor steady performance and large torque ripple of the traditional PID system, use of which has the function of parameter self-tuning fuzzy PID controller to improve the vector control system. The fuzzy PID control algorithm with self-tuning function is adopted to improve the vector control system. The system has the advantages of simple structure, high degree of automation, good energy saving effect, excellent dynamic performance.

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