Study on a multi-robot cooperative wireless communication control system for the spherical amphibious robot

(Aug 2016)

Author-Shuxiang Guo,Xin Li,Jian Guo


In multi-robot cooperative control system where robots will complete a common task, it is significant to have a better communication among robots. This paper proposed a multi-robot cooperative control system for the spherical amphibious robot. The aim of this method is to set up a point to multipoint network which supports multiple robots link in. Moreover, Multi-robot cooperative control system is given to achieve master-slave approaches, where leader robot guides the slave robots. Multi-robot cooperative control system is a novel approach to the coordination of large numbers of relatively team robots which takes its inspiration from many aspects. We carried out some experiments, and experimental results indicated that using XBee modules with ZigBee protocol to transmit control signal to the robot is an efficiency way. ZigBee communication mode is very suitable for low power consumption, and low data transmission applications, which can be taken into consideration about the communication constraints among amphibious robots. The experimental results indicated that signals are transmitted efficiently in the low power environment by using XBee communications module, and proposed communication control system has excellent performance in low SNR environments. This communication system is very suitable in the low power environment, and the multi-robot cooperative wireless communication system can be used to underwater detection and environmental reconnaissance and military defense, etc.

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