PNCIA: An interference aware wireless multicast scheme with partial network coding

(May 2016)

Author-Guoping Tan,Yangjie Chen,Yueheng Li


The conventional network coding based multicast schemes usually do not consider the influence of interference of nodes. However, in practical systems, the interference in wireless ad-hoc networks (WANETs) plays an important role on the performance of multicast schemes. By addressing this issue, this paper proposes a partial network coding based interference-aware (PNCIA) multicast scheme for real-time multicast services over WANETs. The core idea is to use a kind of interference measure criterion for multicast routing schemes. On the one hand, the proposed scheme uses partial network coding technique for guarantying real-time transmissions. On the other hand, it will select the path with less interference for the final data transmission. The simulation results show that, compared with traditional network coding based schemes, the proposed scheme can achieve higher throughput and better robust performances.

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