Non-liner model predictive controller based incidence angle estimation & controlling of fixed wing UAV under noisy and delayed sensor’s feedback condition

(Nov 2015)

Author-S. Faiz Ahmed,Faizan. A Warsi,Kushsairy Kadir


Fix wing type Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are very common nowadays and are used in many commercial as well as military applications. The flight quality of these UAVs, are depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness of its control system. The incidence angle or angle of attack (a) in Fix wing type Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is one of the important control parameter which is used to control the altitude of UAV. Higher the angle of attack, higher the rate of change in altitude of UAV. This article described an efficient control methodology for estimating and controlling of incidence angle of Fix-wing UAV in feedback sensors commotions or sensors noises conditions. The methodology is based on Non-linear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) technique which has ability to predict future events and takes control action accordingly. The proposed NMPC control technique is tested on the incidence angle of Fixed-wing UAV nonlinear model under sensor perturbed situation. The simulated results verified the performance and effectiveness of proposed method under UAV sensor’s perturbed conditions.

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