Introduction To PHP

Introduction To PHP:

  • PHP is web technology implemented by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 using ‘c’ and ‘perl’.
  • Using php we can implement logic in web page application
  • Rasmus implemented php 1.0 to find out how many user accessing its resume for web server
  • PHP stand for Personal Home Page also Called as “Hypertext Preprocessor”.

Feature Of PHP:

  • Cross Platform.
  • php is cross web server it can run under Apache , tomcat etc.
  • php supports diff type of database it is providing built-in provider to connect  with application with open source database like MySQL.
  • PHP is open Source.
  • php is simple to implement web application.
  • php is very fast because of zend engine.
  • php 5.0 support number of Object oriented programming concept like Inheritance, interface, etc.
  • PHP supports diff type of editors like notepad, notepad++,etc.

Version In PHP:

1.PHP 1.0(1994):

  • Implemented by rusmous lerdorf.
  • It is not server site script.
  • if only find total no of visitor

2.PHP 2.0(1997)

  • it is partially server site script.
  • it is cross database.

3.PHP 3.0(1998)

  • Zeav Suraski & Gatman Rewritten the functionalities of php 2.0 from and relies 3.0 as fully server site script. they started Zend  organization to maintain PHP.
  • PHP 3.0 is cross Platform.
  • it is fully server site script.

4. PHP 4.0(2004)

  • its run time engine of php application.
  •  Templeting system is introduced with php 4.0

5.PHP 50.(2004-05)

  • Major upgrade of 5.30 is object oriented programming support
  • zend engine 2.0 is introduce with php 5.0.

6.PHP 6.0

  • Zend organization plan to relie 6.0 base on unic code support concept according to this concept to create use his native language to create application or program.

7. PHP 7.0(2015-16)

  • Main Update of 7.0 is XML and web services support is increases

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