goto statement

goto statement:

goto allow to transfer program control any where within the function.
Syntax: goto label;
it transfer program control at specified label statement label can be define by using

Syntax: identifier


# include <iostream.h>

int main()


float num, average, sum = 0.0; int i, n;

cout<<“Maximum number of inputs: “;


for(i=1; i <= n; ++i)


cout<<“Enter n”<<i<<“: “;

cin>>num; if(num < 0.0)


goto jump; /* Control of the program moves to jump; */


sum += num;


jump: average=sum/(i-1);

cout<<“\nAverage = “<<average; return 0;



Maximum number of inputs:3

Enter n1:23

Enter n2:34

Enter n3:45

Average =34



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