Generalized predictive and fuzzy control in 600MW supercritical unit coordinated control system

(Aug 2016)

Author-Zhi-gang Wu


The supercritical unit boiler systems of a certain power plant, with the properties of time-varying, large delay, large inertia, etc., shows the characteristics of long stable time and great fluctuation in main parameter like the main steam pressure when the AGC (Auto Generation Control) is used and the load changed frequently. To solve the above problem that the controlled parameter is unstable, the generalized predictive control and the fuzzy control technology are adopted in the coordination control system and the problem is been efficiently improved. The practical application indicates that when the unit runs at the rate of 2%/min, it works fast and steady with a smooth transition and small overshoot in the main parameter and also the mainstream deviation is within 0.4MPa, which greatly improves the stability and safety of the unit.

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