Fuzzy adaptive PID hybrid control for airborne platform mounted on mUAV

(May 2016)

Author-Rijun Wang,Zhiwen Zhang


In order to satisfy the demands of stabilized control for airborne platform mounted on multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (mUAV), a fuzzy adaptive PID hybrid control strategy with a fuzzy switching condition is put forward, and the control structure has dual rate-speed loops. After the analyzed the anti-disturbance ability of control structure deeply, the self-adjusting factor and the self-learning control rules are introduced to improve the rapid response capability of the system. The variable speed integral PID control is used to ensure high and stable precision of the system. The fuzzy switching condition to achieve the switching of hybrid control smoothly. Experimental results of dynamic response and steady-state precision show that the adjust time of system is about 20ms, the stable accuracy is 0.13mrad. The proposed method realizes the stable control of airborne platform effectively, and meets the application requirements of mUAV completely.

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