Explain various phases of Virus life cycle?

  1. It is a piece of self-replicating code attached to some other code
    • cf biological virus
  2. both propagates itself & carries a load
    • carries code to make copies of itself
    • as well as code to perform some covert task
  3. virus phases
    • dormant – waiting on trigger event
    • propagation – replicating to programs/disks
    • triggering – by event to execute payload
    • execution – of payload

Types of Viruses:

  1. can classify on basis of how they attack
  2. parasitic virus (energy-wasting):- Attached itself with exe files or programs
  3. memory-resident virus:- Main task is to consume maximum amount of memory for wastage
  4. boot sector virus:- Prevent to load files while performing boot process
  5. stealth:- Mainly designed for hiding itself from antivirus softwares
  6. polymorphic virus:- Varying with its signature every time. Process of mutation it follows

Macro virus:

  1. macro code attached to some data file
  2. interpreted by program using file
  3. eg Word/Excel macros
  4. code is now platform independent
  5. is a major source of new viral infections
  6. blurs distinction between data and program files making task of detection much harder

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