Comparative investigation of soil moisture sensors material using three soil types

(Nov 2015)

Author-Fatiha binti Abdullah,Nina Korlina Madzhi,Faridatul Aima Ismail


Growing vegetables requires the soils which are rich in nutrients, easy to dig and also easy to handle when it is ready to be planted. Thus, there are a few different types of soils are being compared to determine the best soil that can be recommended for growing plants. Moisture content in soil also one of the major parts of plant growth. Measuring the soil water content by using manual method shows inaccurate results and not really precise. The previous method is not compatible with the result needed from the measuring the water content of soil. The old method of monitoring the crops every single time will waste of time and energy. This report is focused on analysis of the different moisture sensor material with the water content on the three types of soil. The analysis not only focusing on the sensor but also the soils. The measurement was taken during the experiment which involves the three different soil moisture sensor measurements with the three types of soils that fixed to 200gram each. The measurement data were compared for each type of sensor and each type of soil. The result shows the he smallest particle of soil retains the most amounts of water but the well-suite soil for variety of plants required the high nutrition, moderate to hold the water and drain well. Besides, the above method is suitable for measure the water content in soil using the galvanized steel nails and commercialized soil moisture sensor but not compatible using gypsum block sensor.

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