Compact and Reliable Medium Voltage Inverter Power Cell without Cabling

(June 2016)

Author-Bo Chen,Jianwen Qiu


Medium voltage inverter has been widely used in diverse applications to save energy and increase performance of motors. The cascade solution find a smart method to transform medium voltage requirements into serial connected phase shifted low voltage power base units. It becomes a standard way to drive typical loads like pumps or fans. Since years 1700V IGBT based on 34 mm or 62 mm package and baseplate based 1600V or higher voltage rectifiers are used as power stage. As competition become more fierce engineers are looking for innovative solution to further increase reliability, reduce size of base units and be more cost competitive. This paper presents a solution based on baseplate-less standard power semiconductor package, which can fulfill above requirements. This package has been proven in low voltage inverter as a reliable, compact and flexible solution. With this package form the total power unit can be realized on one PCB board, where not cables are necessary. This provides further benefits on system cost saving and in final base unit assembly.

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