Communication between Spherical Underwater Robots based on the acoustic communication methods

(Aug 2016)

Author-Yaxin Li,Shuxiang Guo


This paper depicts an underwater acoustic communication system for Spherical Underwater Robots (SURs). The communication system will be integrated into the multiple SURs system to realize the communication between SURs and the cooperation of multi-SUR system. There are two main trial method adopted in this communication system, which are tamed spread spectrum and Frequency Hopping Multiple Access (FHMA) as well as Quadrature Phase Shift Keying-Code Division Multiple Access (QPSK-CDMA) method. The Micron Data Modem is employed as the communication module. The communication system consisted of channel encoding and decoding, spread spectrum modulation and demodulation, pairs of communication modules. The experiments results testify that the developed system is feasible and reliable to realize the underwater communication due to the low BER (Bit Error Ratio).

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