A Novel Dual-Broadband and Dual-Polarized Antenna for 2G/3G/LTE Base Stations

(july 2016)

Author-He Huang,Ying Liu,Shuxi Gong


A novel dual-broadband and dual-polarized antenna is proposed in this communication for 2G/3G/LTE base station applications. The antenna comprises of a lower band element and an upper band element which are separated by a ring-shaped baffle. The lower band element employs two pairs of folded dipoles achieving polarization diversity operation at the GSM 850/900 band, and the upper band element uses two crossed dipoles to work at the GSM1800/1900/UMTS and LTE 2300/2500 band. Then, a metal baffle is set in between the lower band and upper band elements for the sake of reducing the mutual coupling and getting good radiation performance. Measured results show that the antenna can get an impedance bandwidth of 23.5% (SWR < 2) from 0.79 to 1 GHz for the lower band and 50.9% from 1.64 to 2.76 GHz for the upper band. High port-to-port isolation can be realized at both the lower and upper bands. Half-power beam widths at horizontal plane of around 69° over the lower band and 73° over the upper band, along with high gain across the entire working band are obtained. An array that consists of four lower band elements and eight upper band elements is also developed. The proposed antenna and its array can be used for multiband base stations in next generation communication systems.

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