A new wireless communicaiton method in power communicaiton system

(May 2016)

Author-Junfeng Shi,Qingsu He,Baoxian Guo


In this paper, WLAN IEEE802.11 and WRAN IEEE802.22 standard protocol suite are used in power wireless networks. There are three-tier network architecture. One is transmission from terminal-to-CPE, which using WLAN with 2.4G frequency. Another is CPE-to-the base station, using WRAN protocol and frequency of 230M frequency, and the base station transmit to the core network. The last one is the core network connecting substation through fiber optic. The paper is considered to extend the coverage of wireless network. Transformer substation is the center of wireless network. WRAN forms a region with 10–20 km radius, and the end of each region extends the coverage with WLAN. This proposal not only increases the transmission distance, but also reduces the construction costs.

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